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R.I.P. Jewel. This is for you and all the others like you…

Today I visited Lakeside High in Augusta, Georgia “as a reward for students at the school, winning a contest discouraging teens from texting while driving.” 

HD 98.3 Program Director Chuck Whitaker played I huge role in making this all happen by having the station host the competition. He said, “We feel compelled to spread the message about the dangers of distracted driving, especially to our newest drivers,”

My sentiments truly echo Chuck’s especially because it is our generation, who are the “textaholics” We can’t seem to go 1 minute without checking our Blackberries and various Smartphones. Even iPads have become a source of distraction.

But there is just no text, or email or even phone call worth losing a life over. NONE! If it IS that important, carefully check all your mirrors, find the nearest safe place to pull over and handle your business.

When I was a little girl, I almost lost my own father to distracted driving. And he wasn’t even texting! He simply glanced down at his phone to see who was calling. When he tried to swerve to avoid crashing into a roundabout, he overcompensated and over steered right into a ditch. He had to be rescued using the Jaws-Of-Life. My father ended up in the hospital for half a year, completely paralyzed. He spent his birthday, mine, my 2 sisters and mom’s, Christmas, New Years and a more bedridden, unable to walk or move. We thought he might never move or walk again. I cried for weeks. It was so hard to visit him and see his beaten, battered, scarred body, just laying there limp and unresponsive. Even after his release from the hospital, he spent years in physical therapy trying to recover and he still walks with a limp to this day.

Please don’t text and drive! Don’t do ANYTHING while driving! Just DRIVE. FOCUS ON THE ROAD. Not only because you want to be a safe driver, but also so that you can avoid accidents caused by other reckless drivers. So many have lost their lives or have now been seriously harmed because of another distracted driver. Also discourage anyone from texting or using any device, or consuming any intoxicating substances while you are a passenger. If they refuse, GET OUT! Save yourself!

Below are the horrendous photos of the charred, crumpled remains of the car in which Jewel Miller was killed. This is honestly the least graphic angle. Look at her young face. Jewel is so beautiful and was only 18 when her life was suddenly swept from under her feet. Just only hours after Jewel,from Augusta, graduated from Hephzibah High School. A brilliant life lost so carelessly…

More on Jewel’s news story here via CBS News 12:

I really can’t even finish writing this blog without tears falling from my eyes as I remember the faces of her wonderful family, whom I had the pleasure of meeting today at Lakeside. The were special guests at the concert and I was able to dedicate a few songs to them and in loving memory of Jewel.

I was so pleased to see a school gym filled with about 2000 students, staff, friends and family and supporting the Focus On The Road Campaign. It gave me hope that people really do want to save lives and be more responsible. Let’s take this movement WORLDWIDE!

On a brighter note though, there were many smiles and we did actually really enjoy the day together, children’s voices echoing the throughout the gym and hallways and they sang along to T-Shirt, No Gravity, Perfect Nightmare and Impossible. That really stirred a totally different emotion up in me. It reminded why I do this! I do this for the kids! For the future generations that will run this world we live in. I love inspiring them to be better and watching them engage and get into action. I love seeing them progress and gain knowledge. To put it simply, I love watching them WIN! I really enjoy being able to put smiles on their faces, make them laugh, cry and scream at the top of their lungs. I love to see them dance and fist-pump and hug each other with glee and excitement! I love taking pictures with them and spending time with them. Nothing makes me happier than making others happy and watching them BE happy.

Here is some fan art from the kids of some of the staff at Lakeside. I got a bunch more after taking this pic. I will of course add them to my collection in my special Fan Chest at home. My fans get so creative!

So all in all, I had such an incredible day at Lakeside High today! I wouldn’t have today go any other way. I hope it was as worth it for everyone there and everyone invloved, as much as it was for me.

Keep spreading the word! #FocusOnTheRoad <—- TWEET THAT!

Jewel you are truly a gem in the sky now, and you will sparkle and shine, so that others may see and remember you and be more responsible and focus on the road. I left you a special note. God bless the Miller family and thanks once again to HD 98.3 FM for playing such a major role in facilitating the event. Also special thanks to Calli. Thanks for the awesome fried plantains and all the Twitter love!

Love always,




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